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Whoa, An Actually Useful Way to Use QR Codes (Or: A Lazy Parent’s List of the 20 Most Popular Christmas Toys)

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So Target has done the impossible. It’s used QR codes in a way that is so useful that it actually outweighs how goofy, unwieldy, and ineffectual they are. It does this by, essentially, by simplifying something even worse: Holiday shopping at Target.

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The uncertain future of the QR code

This article really spells out how the QR Code will succeed or how it will fail.  No ifs, ands or buts… this is what it all comes down to.

The uncertain future of the QR code –

An interesting article about the QR Code Conundrum

Follow the link to check out the article.

Effective Use of A QR Code? You tell me.

QR Code on back of City Bus

An associate of mine sent me this photograph of a QR Code (apparently) leading to the web site of a church here in town.  The QR Code is in an advertisement in a rather peculiar place.

The question in his e-mail was, “What, I’m supposed to run behind the bus and get close enough for a clear shot?”

Click on the photograph to see the whole image and then share your opinion if this was an effective use for a QR Code.

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QR Codes Revisited, one more time

It seems like the last week has been nothing but one big, long discussion about QR Codes and the uses and abuses, and their viability or whether they’re a fad, etc., etc.

Well, I think an article I read yesterday pretty much summed up that QR Codes are starting to rapidly infiltrate themselves into even the most mundane parts of our lives.

Here’s a perfect example.  Did you just load the last new razor blade into your razor?  Scan the QR Code on the back of the package before you toss in the trash and add them to your shopping list.

Another example is one that I realized this past weekend while wandering around a couple of car dealerships.  What?  Doesn’t everyone wander around car dealerships at 5:00pm on a Sunday?  That’s the best time to do it so you don’t have someone three steps behind you the entire time! Continue reading ‘QR Codes Revisited, one more time’

QR Codes Revisited

I was reading an article last week where the author made the excellent point that, “Consumers also need to understand what they can expect to find as a result of scanning a [QR] code, but oftentimes the codes themselves get in the way of the message.”

So, let’s take a step back and look at QR Codes even closer.  Not only do consumers need to understand what they can expect to find as a result of scanning the code, sometimes they’re not even sure what the code IS.  You know… that square, squiggly thing that’s showing up everywhere.  What are you supposed to do with it?

The first thing you’re going to need is an appropriately equipped mobile phone or tablet with a QR Code reader app.  I have found QR Quickscan to be the most reliable app on my phone.  Once that’s all taken care of you’ll still need to have a connection to the internet if your device doesn’t connect on its own. Continue reading ‘QR Codes Revisited’

2 Reasons Why QR Codes Aren’t a Fad, and 3 Reasons Why They Might Be.

HBC Mobile Site QR Code

An example of a QR Code.

First of all QR Codes are those nifty little 2-D barcodes that can be scanned by your smartphone to take you to a site on the web, product information, a video at YouTube, etc.  If you have a place that you want to take a visitor on their smartphone or mobile device, you can create a QR Code to take them there.

The number one reason why QR Codes are not a fad, in my opinion, is that they have been adopted very heavily by big, brand name products since they hit U.S. shores, leaving the little guys to play catch up, rather than the other way around.  There was a 1200% increase in scanning from July to December 2010.  57% of Facebook and Twitter users have scanned a mobile bar code at least once in the past year, while 40% had done so five or more times in the past year.  In a bold move Starbucks is starting to use QR Codes for payment.

Continue reading ‘2 Reasons Why QR Codes Aren’t a Fad, and 3 Reasons Why They Might Be.’

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