QR Codes Revisited, one more time

It seems like the last week has been nothing but one big, long discussion about QR Codes and the uses and abuses, and their viability or whether they’re a fad, etc., etc.

Well, I think an article I read yesterday pretty much summed up that QR Codes are starting to rapidly infiltrate themselves into even the most mundane parts of our lives.

Here’s a perfect example.  Did you just load the last new razor blade into your razor?  Scan the QR Code on the back of the package before you toss in the trash and add them to your shopping list.

Another example is one that I realized this past weekend while wandering around a couple of car dealerships.  What?  Doesn’t everyone wander around car dealerships at 5:00pm on a Sunday?  That’s the best time to do it so you don’t have someone three steps behind you the entire time!

As I was saying, I was wandering around looking at a variety of cars that could be a potential new vehicle, when it dawned on me that putting a QR Code on the car’s window could lead me to a page on the dealer’s site about the car or pull up the original window sticker.  This would be a perfect use for a QR Code.

Another example of a perfect use is those little boxes that are attached to Realtor’s yard signs with brochures inside about the house for sale.  They are either empty or you’re out for a run and you don’t have a place to put a brochure.  Put a QR Code on the sign!  You know… up on top where they put the SOLD sign after the sale.

Finally, and I think this is most telling example of where things are heading with QR Codes, Fox Searchlight Motion Pictures just released the trailer for a new film and the only way to see it is to scan the QR Code on the movie poster.  That’s the reward for scanning the code.  You get to see something that other people can’t see.  You also get to see the trailer as your standing in the cinema lobby and your friends at home can’t see it on the internet because the only way to see it is through scanning the QR Code.

That’s the thing that marketers need to keep in mind when coming up with new uses for QR Codes.  Give the consumer a prize for scanning that code.  Reward them in some way and the QR Code won’t be just another fad, it will become a tool used by hundreds of thousands of people every day.

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