Whoa, An Actually Useful Way to Use QR Codes (Or: A Lazy Parent’s List of the 20 Most Popular Christmas Toys)

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So Target has done the impossible. It’s used QR codes in a way that is so useful that it actually outweighs how goofy, unwieldy, and ineffectual they are. It does this by, essentially, by simplifying something even worse: Holiday shopping at Target.

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Is Your Company Guilty of 7 of the Biggest Online Marketing Sins?

Is Your Company Guilty of 7 of the Biggest Online Marketing Sins?.

I liked this post so much that I thought I’d pass it along for our followers to read.  Enjoy!

The uncertain future of the QR code

This article really spells out how the QR Code will succeed or how it will fail.  No ifs, ands or buts… this is what it all comes down to.

The uncertain future of the QR code – iMediaConnection.com.

An interesting article about the QR Code Conundrum

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Duqu Virus Warning

By: Matt Toaz – Contributing Author

There’s a new virus going around called Duqu. It gets on to your machine through a vulnerability in Microsoft Word. Typically the file will be e-mailed to you. When you open the attachment you get infected.

If you receive any MS Office documents that you are not expecting (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), DO NOT OPEN THEM. If someone you do not know sends you one, DO NOT OPEN IT.

If you get a file from someone you know, contact them to verify they specifically sent it to you.  Any e-mail you receive with an attachment you were not expecting should be deleted immediately.  You should take this approach with attachments all the time.

To help further protect yourself, run Windows Update on your machine, update your antivirus and do a full scan, and just be careful.

If you have any questions, get a hold of me at matt@firestarnetworks.com, or contact Dave at Heavrin-Brown Consultants at dave@heavrinbrown.com or 734.274.5208.

– About Matt Toaz
Matt is an IT security professional and the head honcho at Firestar Networks (www.firestarnetworks.com). He volunteered to write the occasional post to help bring you information to help your businesses. Matt will be writing on the topic of security for the Heavrin-Brown Consultants blog to help us help you stay safe.

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E-Mail Safety

By: Matt Toaz – Contributing Author

We all use e-mail. For some of us it’s our primary means of communication. It’s how we keep up with friends and family, how we get news updates, and how we exchange ideas with clients and business associates. E-mail has become critical.

This is great. E-mail is cheap, easy to use, and fast. I finished typing this article moments before it hit Dave’s inbox. I just attached the word document to the message and hit send. Piece of cake!

Sounds awesome, right? Let’s remember that I’m a security guy and the title of this is “E-mail Safety”, so there must be a catch. Here’s the catch. E-mail was designed to be fast and easy, not secure.

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Is it just me or is FB a big PITA?

Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me that Facebook doesn’t like.   Almost as if the blasted thing has a personal vendetta against me doing anything the way it’s supposed to be done.  I mean, for Pete’s sake, I had to redo, from scratch, the business page for Heavrin-Brown Consultants tonight for the THIRD TIME!!!

The first time it was because I tried creating a business page while logged in to my personal page, and the business page ended up being something a kin to an employer page attached to a personal profile.

Then I found this nifty new tool that FB introduced that would let you turn a personal page into a business page.  Cool!  NOT!  Now I had two business pages that were somehow linked that I couldn’t get rid of without deleting both. Continue reading ‘Is it just me or is FB a big PITA?’

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